The Perfect Potion to a healthly Self-Care Morning Routine

Are You a Morning Person? 


Listen mornings weren’t always my favorite, in fact, my early twenties I spent most of my mornings either sleep or hung over (feel free to judge lol).

Fast forward to my LATE & I mean the LATE twenties I’m almost thirty Y'all 3-0! I know most people scream Dirty Thirty Club but I’m more of the Forever21 Club.  

Hello Fresh Air & Sunshine  

Now mornings are by far my favorite time of the day. I love the idea of waking up each morning with a clear mind and heart. 

 The perfect potion to developing a healthy Self-Care Morning Routine. #Self-Care #SelfLove #MorningRoutine 

The perfect potion to developing a healthy Self-Care Morning Routine. #Self-Care #SelfLove #MorningRoutine 

 The Transition 

Transitioning to a morning person happen simply because I got a morning job which required me to not only get up early but interact with people 7:00 am in the morning. I had to get up super early just to get my family out the house in time. The only way I survived was 

        starting with coffee!

            Coffee is BAE!  



   My 20/20/20 Rule

to a Relaxing, Peaceful, Calm Morning

The 20/20/20 Power Hour is one hour split into 20 mins segments.  

  • 20 Mins Of Peace

  • 20 Mins Of Business  

  • 20 Mins Of Relaxation  


The Beginning 

At 7:00 am, my alarm goes off & I hit the snooze button (Don’t judge me okay lol) hitting the snooze button gives me 8 mins to lay in bed quiet & begin my day with my morning prayer. After my alarm goes off again 7:08 am I get out of bed to get my girls up.

**DISCLAIMER  *MY 20/20/20 rule doesn't actually begin until I get back home from dropping my girls off at school.  Sometimes they are in the best moods but often times they aren't. My six-year-old is currently obsessed with the mirror & lipgloss while my three-year-old absolutely HATES preschool. After I push her into the classroom & take off running to my car I can finally start my 20/20/20. 


8:00 am

First I start with YOGA


My new found love for Yoga is amazing. I love the feeling of being at peace not only with my body but mind. Head over to my latest Yoga Journey blog to check out how I started my Yoga Journey.


Business Woman Time


With the focus on my business for the next 20 Mins, I spend time working on a scheduled post, blog post, working on responding to emails & prepping orders they may need to be processed. 


The Cool Down  

My last 20 Mins are spent writing down my goals I want to accomplish for the day or week. I work on a to-do list specifically for that day & prepare myself for the day. I just recently starting the Stop, Breathe & Think App which I have fallen in love with. 



Stop, Breathe & Think helps me take a few minutes each day to feel the calm is as important as regular exercise. Helping me to regularly find peace of mind with different sessions to fit your personal needs. This app also helps me with my anxiety I recently started dealing with early in the year. 

My last 20 Mins are like the last 20 Mins of a workout.  





How are your mornings looking? What do you like or dislike about your mornings & how are you going to make a change to create a peaceful, relaxing Morning Routine?  

Comment Below to share your self-Care Morning Routine