Motherhood with Anxiety & Depression

Aniexty. I’m pretty sure we have all been anxious about something wether it’s starting a new job or moving away from home. With the feeling of being anxious someone like myself may experience anxiety attacks. 

Anxiety is REAL. It can have a very negative effect on your life and make you feel like your body is holding you captive. For me anxiety felt  like my ringmaster at the circus. My ringmaster told me where I should go and what I should & shouldn't do. 

Thee Struggle  

I didn't experience my first panic attack until December 2017. I found myself sick with horrible heartburn & acid reflux but once I started to feel a little better I still felt a little uneasy. 

My first panic attack hit me like a ton of bricks in my car going to pick my daughter up from the babysitter one afternoon. As I was driving I felt my heart began to race as if I was running a marathon. I began to sweat horribly as I began to blast the air. My breathing got so bad with every breathe I tried to find a place to park my a car so I could gain control of my body & figure out what the hell was going on. 

Pulling into the nearest gas station I parked my car, looked at myself in the mirror & began to cry. I was crying because I was afraid of what had just happen, I was stuck half way in town & all I wanted to do was crawl under my truck & hide. 

Google & Pinterest are my most favorite search engines ever so as I sat there I googled everything that had just randomly happen to me & the more I read the more I began to understand just how aniexty & panic attacks work luckily for me I needed to do waaayyyy more reading because this wouldn’t be the last time I had such experience. 


Fast forward to March 2018 I’ve lost count of how many attacks I’ve had this year so far but what I can tell you is I learned to control them.  



I took the key back & I became the Ringmaster. My attacks may have gotten me but the minute they started I was timing them to see how long before I got it under control & they were over.  

What I’ve learned from research is everyone may deal with anxiety & cope with anxiety different. For me, I decided I couldn’t let this be the life I got too much to do to only want to sit on my couch & enjoy the safety & comfort of my house.  


Here are 4 Tips I personally use to help me conquer my anxiety





As a mother sometimes we feel like its our job to tackle everything that could possibly be going on in our lives at that exact moment. One of the main reasons my anxiety would often get the best of me. I had to learn how to disconnect myself from everything going on in my life, from my phone, social media sites and just RELAX! A warm bathe with my favorite bath bomb always does the trick. 





When I think of mediating I always think about Tina Turner on What's Love Got to Do With It lol. I've found mediating helps me escape my thoughts. When meditating foucsing fully on my breathing helps me gain control over my anixety attacks and overcome them. 

If meditating doesn't work try counting backwards from 100 you foucs on the numbers and forget about your thoughts. 

Controlling my breathing  



Breathe. Strectch. Shake. Let It Go

Okay if you can’t remember that Mase song you are really young lol. Breathing is the KEY to overcoming my anxiety attack. Learning to control your breathing during an actual attack seems damn near impossible at first. With practice I learned to talk myself through the attack, montoir my breathing and overcome my attacks. 

I foucs on my breathing like I'm in labor. You remeber how much you paid attention to your breathing during contractions yeah it's the same thing during a panic attack for me lol. 




My new found love for Yoga is amazing. I downloaded this cute little app called Breathe and random YouTube videos to help me practice my peace. Yoga helps me relax my mind and body at the same time. Finding your Peace. 

Sidebar: Those postions are very challening or maybe I'm just so outta shape but with practice each move becomes easier to transition in. 


Life is hard & even harder when you have little people watching and observing your every move but I’ve learned just because your a mother doesn’t mean your not human. Humans have emotions, good days, bad days, & days when we simply don't want to get out of bed. 

Anxiety, Depression is Real. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only Woman who battles with both on a daily basis. 

Stay Strong Boss Lady. You Got This. 

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