My Self Care Journey

*Disclaimer*  I’m not a Self Care expert at all I‘m simply a woman who was at the lowest of her lows and the only way & person that could help me was MYSELF!  At the beginning of 2018, I suffered from really bad depression and anxiety. *insert anxiety link* I won’t touch much on the subjects because honestly, it was the lowest I ever felt in my life and a black hole I’d rather put in my past. Instead, I’ll tell you how I crawled out that hole, started loving myself a little more each day & living my best life. 

I started with Prayer! I’m not talking praying 1 min I’m talking hours just talking to God.  Then the journey to Self Care started. 

The Journey  

 Self Care is a journey that will not come easily is how I best describe what self-care is. As a woman & mother my first instinct has always been tending & taking care of others it’s every woman natural instinct, to be honest, but while dealing with depression it was hard for me to take care not only my family but myself. 


There's no right guide or way to practice Self Care simply because of Self-care is different for everyone!



1: Find What Makes YOU Happy! 

Listen have you ever sat down & literally wrote down “what makes you happy”? I sat down one afternoon to start my list & was stuck on #1. What was even funnier was I took that same list & wrote down what made my daughters happy, boyfriend happy & even my new dog happy like really the dog lol.  So here I am no list just as lost as I could be so I said well what’s something you want to do, learn or practice that can make you happy & my list began to start POPPPINNNG 


I started practicing Yoga &  I Love, Love, Love Yoga! I practice Yoga every morning for 30 mins!  


2. Start Small


I’m still borderline wanting to cross over into the Vegan lifestyle so I’ve been trying random vegan restaurants each week & so far The Black Bean Burger with Sweet Potatoes have been my favorite!  





what makes me happy?

  • Coffee
  • Spending time alone
  • Yoga
  • Trying new things
  • Focusing on my career goals
  • Amor Sui Box 
  • My Daughters
  • My Relationship
  • My Family
  • Myself & Future
  • Long Hot Baths
  • Medating 

The journey to self-care isn’t something that comes easy trust me at first I felt guilty for telling my kids it's "Mommy Time" but with time and understanding my family now understands and actually promotes my "Mommy Me Time" Self Care Time. 

I encourage every Woman to practice self-care & educate your family & friends on what you are practicing. Self Care isn't Selfish Self Care is Selfless. 


Don't try to change so that someone else will love you. Change so that you can be more in love with YOURSELF. 

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